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Ingleside was named for the Ingleside Inn, a popular roadhouse in the late 1800s. At that time Ingleside and Oceanview neighborhoods were home to activities at the fringe of the law: rowdy saloons, boxing rings, shooting ranges, and a jail to house all who were caught.


In 1934 the Ingleside jail was turned into City College, a public community college that enrolls up to 1 in 9 San Francisco residents every year. 


Ocean Avenue has many cafés, eateries and watering holes. Beep's Burgers is a neighborhood favorite, as is Ocean Ale House.

IMA was founded in June 2017 by Alexander Mullaney, publisher of the Ingleside-Excelsior Light neighborhood newspaper, and Miles Escobedo, co-owner of Ocean Ale House bar and restaurant. Originally, it was named the Ocean View-Merced Heights-Ingleside Business Association.

IMA serves the businesses of the Ocean Avenue, Holloway Avenue, and other nearby pockets of storefronts.

A thriving community requires robust commercial corridors. IMA believes our members are the backbone needed to hold up the wider community. 

IMA's purpose is to build and enhance the commerce, safety, and image of Ingleside.



Alexander Mullaney 

Ingleside Merchants Association

What helped you decide to open in the Ingleside District?

Small businesses, like neighborhoods, have unique needs. There are challenges that need to be handled in a dedicated manner. While Ingleside has a Community Benefit District and several well-engaged homeowners associations, there had not been a merchants association for years that could advocate for and organize the vibrant businesses. When we saw more and more businesses opening in the neighborhood, we saw the community growing before our eyes and decided to start a merchants association from the ground up.

What is your most memorable experience since opening?

Celebrating our heritage!


In January, we held a wonderful celebration for our three historic landmarks the Geneva Carbarn and Powerhouse, Ingleside Presbyterian Church and the newly landmarked El Rey theater. Then, in May for Small Business Week, we held a raucous celebration for our four Legacy Businesses. Finally, in September, as part of our annual Craft Beer Bar Crawl, the Western Neighborhood Project's Woody LaBounty gave astounding history talks at each location.

What is your favorite restaurant, business or shop in the neighborhood?


I won't play favorites. To name a few favorites... Beep's Burgers, Randy's Place, The Ave, Ocean Ale House, Ocean Cyclery, Pho Ha Tien, Sakesan, Mayflower Restaurant, Jojo's Cafe, Go Go 7, Cherry Blossom Bakery, Happy Vape, Fog Lifter Cafe, Champa Garden, Java on Ocean, Auto 280, Faxon Garage, Ocean Hair Design, and Surfaces by David Bonk.


What makes the Ingleside neighborhood different from other merchant corridors in SF?


Ingleside is home to City College of San Francisco, the largest community college west of the Mississippi and one of the most important institutions for small businesses given that it trains workers and owners alike. Between the faculty and students, we have a rich community that comprises and supports our neighborhood's businesses, and we want to work to create an even stronger relationship between the college and the merchant community.

What do you hope for the future for the Ingleside District?

We have a lot more to celebrate. The diversity of people is incredible. Ingleside is a quintessential San Francisco neighborhood with a lot to offer. 


With that said, one of our goals is to increase Ingleside's visibility. We're going to let the cat out of the bag: expect a Discover Ingleside Guide to hit streets in early December, just in time for the holidays.


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