Challenging times brings out the best of your colors!


As Broker/Owner of Aria Properties and a 22 years Bay Area resident, I don’t want to live anywhere else. I have a long time love affair with our beautiful city of San Francisco, and in particular the Castro Neighborhood. I enjoy the diversity, vibrancy, creativity, and for me a sense of excitement that I’ve not found in other Cities






If your glass is always half empty…
try a smaller glass.


A Palestinian immigrant, I was raised in West Portal. My mother, a widow with 5 children in tow, settled in West Portal when I was 7. She got tired of getting evicted for having too many children. The only solution was to buy, and West Portal was the perfect place to raise a family back then. It still is.

I was a little immigrant kid during the summer of love. My mom wanted to get back on the plane and go back home. Could you imagine the culture shock? I was no taller than most hemlines on miniskirts! Being the youngest of 5, I learned to step back, take notes, and learn from the folly of others. 


Fast forward a few decades and I became co-founder and CEO of The Postal Chase Inc. We have 4 locations - all in San Francisco. I am also the President (emeritus) of The West Portal Merchants Association. In 2000 I ran for supervisor in District 7 and I was the co-founder of the Cole Street Fair in 2004.



If you only pivot in one direction you will just keep going in circles

Tracey Sylvester-1.jpg

Tracey Sylvester is the owner of EHS Pilates located on the Valencia Corridor. She is honored to be listed in the SF legacy business registry. The studio is recognized as a long-stand business that contributes to the culture and vibrancy of the community it serves.

She has dedicated the past 12+ years advocating for Small Businesses; from brick-&-mortar to sole-proprietors. Serving on the board of the Mission Merchants Association, Member of the Valencia Corridor Association, and the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce provides a unique opportunity to effect positive change in the community she calls home.




CDMA represents the heart and soul of our City - small, locally owned businesses that care about their community. 


Keith retired in 2016 after owning Everest Waterproofing & Restoration in San Francisco for 40 years. He has been president of the Potrero Dogpatch Merchants Association since 2005, with a year off for good behavior!


He is currently:

  • Chair of the Eastern Neighborhoods Community Advisory Committee.

  • Co-chair of the Potrero Hill Festival since 2009.

  • Vice-president of Potrero Boosters Neighborhood Association.

  • President of Golden Gate Senior Services.

  • Founder and President of Nepal SEEDS.

  • He has been a Food Runners volunteer for over 30 years

  • Lives on Potrero Hill with his wife Donna. Annoys his neighbors as he learns to play the sax.